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Are you tired of the same old date night? Do you want to connect with your partner on a different level? 

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Date Night workshop $250

 (This workshop is approximately 2.5 hours)

This is unlike any other massage workshop around! Most workshops offer guided massage instruction in a room full of other couples. In this workshop, your massage therapist will be providing private instruction and each workshop is completely customizable to you and your partners needs!
      Not only will you have a fun night out of the house, but you’ll leave feeling relaxed, connected and confident that you can provide some quality massage techniques for your partner. Massages not only reduce stress but they ease pain and improve circulation and mobility. These benefits also create a feeling of bliss. In short- a relaxed partner is a happy partner.

      This workshop will also encourage you to communicate and listen to your partner. You will discover more about their personal preferences on touch and things about their body that may ail them on a daily basis. If you can help them with that, talk about a deeper connection!

      While we’d still like you to come in for professional massages, we believe that giving you the tools and techniques at home to alleviate stress, tension, and pain can be monumentally beneficial to your relationship with your partner. 

     This is a ~2.5 hour workshop for couples or any 2 people that are comfortable working on each other. Each person will have time on the table and each person will have time working alongside the therapist on their partner. This is personalized so your therapist will reach out to you to see which 2 areas you and your partner want to focus on. The session will be broken down as follows:

  • 15 minutes to go over paperwork and an introduction

  • 15 minutes reviewing what areas you want worked on and learning the muscles

  • 45 minutes each of hands on learning

  • 15 minutes to switch places and take notes

  • 15 minutes to wrap up and answer questions

     Please make sure to wear short sleeves or sleeves that are easy to roll up passed the elbow as you will be using your forearms. If possible please also make sure you have short nails. Having long nails is not a deal breaker but it does greatly limit techniques you’ll be able to learn. (Disclaimer: this workshop is meant for recreational use only. This is not an accredited course and you are in no way certified, licensed or otherwise able to work on the public.)

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Cancellation Policy: You will be required to have a credit card to keep on file in order to reserve your appointment. You WILL NOT be charged until AFTER the scheduled service, giving you the option to pay cash/check/or card in person.

We value your business and appreciate your cooperation of our 24 hour cancellation policy.

Please provide a minimum of 24 hours notice. Cancellations/Reschedules within 24 hours of the appointment time will be charged 50% of the service fee. No call/No Shows will be charged 100%. Please arrive at your appointment time to ensure you receive your full session. Late arrivals WILL result in a shortened service with payment due in full.

Pricing & Policies subject to change at any time.

Couples massage Workshop

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